PPC Management Services

PPC Management Services

Looking beyond CTRs and CPCs, we understand the ROI metrics that matters most for your business!!

The technology in the PPC advertising space is highly tappable, but online opportunities can be put to best use only by digital experts. We don’t create campaigns based on just the black box tools or software. Instead, we communicate to a sound researched, thoroughly relevant audience with firm focus on delivering more conversions for less spend. Our PPC experts including Google adwords certified professionals leverage industry leading tools & best platforms to assist you at every level – from account management to tracking results, sharing insights, bidding & managing campaigns at scale.


Top-performing PPC campaigns require a structured plan for success!!

Paid Search Marketing

With our paid marketing services – Google Adwords & Bing Ads, we can boost visibility, drive traffic & generate leads at an incredibly performance rate. Staying in control of your marketing budget, our Google adwords certified professionals create effective ads for finer targeting & place them in a prominent position to improve CTR. Having experience & proficiency in handling paid advertising campaigns for our clients globally, we create, implement & track performing online advertising campaigns aimed at improving revenue with measurable results.

Mobile Ads

Mobile landscape needs native advertising to cater to the wide mobile audience & fulfil their exclusive engagement needs. We can monetize your mobile apps & mobile websites with mobile rich media. Whether you need to drive app downloads or increase mobile user engagement for your mobile site, we can advertise your business across all mobile platforms through our highly targeted mobile advertising including performance mobile ads, mobile videos, flexible dashboards & real-time analytics using integrated tools.

Google Remarketing

90% traffic bounces back from your website without making a purchase. We have a solution to capture your lost traffic – our tailored Google Remarketing campaigns can increase conversion rates by up to 50% by retargeting potential visitors. That’s because we do effective retargeting a mix of careful strategy, precise messaging, technical proficiency & eye-catching ad design. Moreover, we have intelligent tracking systems capable of recording customer’s preferences & generate highly customized display ads based on accurate analysis.

Social Media Advertising

With nearly half the world’s population hanging out online, social media is the ultimate goldmine of marketers. As social media advertising experts, we don’t just create awareness & spread relevant content across social communities, we listen, talk, share & deliver value by gaining insight on customer’s desires, knowing how they perceive your brand & then grooming your brand’s personality. Our comprehensive social media advertising campaigns on Facebook Marketing & Twitter Marketing etc are intelligently designed to convert your brand from”talking” to “talk able”, grow loyal fan base & thus improve conversions.

Landing Page Optimization

We’re not just digital marketing strategists, we also have a team of creative web designers & developers that can help you offer performance based landing optimization services that takes care of your conversions by finding flaws in your landing page & optimizing it for conversions. We create multivariate tests to repair funnels while keeping track of your statistics as well. From A/B testing & new designs to multivariate tests, analytics & tracking, we’ve got you covered.

Display Advertising

Getting a relevant display advertisement with eye-popping banners, a perfect call to action & finer-targeting can quickly emerge as your most profitable advertising initiative. Having implemented 100+ successful campaigns for diverse business verticals, our experts understand the display advertising marketplace in & out. And so they’ve cultivated deep relationships with top-tier networks & multiple advertisers around businesses of every domain. Our online advertising specialists don’t just create display campaigns, they also test what works for your brand, optimize the strategy according to results & constantly weigh up the impact for better re-targeting.

Want To Start With PPC Advertising?

Advertise to the right people at right place with right platform – that’s our PPC strategy

Whether you’ve allocated a limited budget to use up for a specific service or a hefty amount to execute a multi-channel digital strategy, our certified PPC expert scan give right direction to your campaigns and make them succeed online.

  • PPC Account set up
  • Research on Potential Keywords
  • New Campaign set up
  • Restructuring existing campaigns
  • PPC Bid Management
  • Managing optimizing campaigns for maximum ROI
  • Building remarketing campaigns measuring impact
  • Conversion Tracking through advanced techniques
  • Targeting people based on age, gender, and location
  • Targeting smart phone users with mobile-friendly ads
  • Actionable Account Reviews
  • Conversion Optimisation ROI metrics
  • Ad Extensions and Innovations like Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Site Links, Google Product Centre Integration Remarketing
  • Captivating Ad Copy and Split Testing
  • Executive Reporting

What are the outcomes of our custom PPC advertising campaigns?

  • Highly Qualified Traffic – We build, tune and manage campaigns that consistently drive quality traffic at considerably lower costs. Our strategy actly matches to what our clients really want
  • No Wasteful PPC Spending – We’re specialists in running campaigns that lower your spend generate more value by identifying flaws reducing wasteful spending.
  • Higher Returns – Our campaigns is driven by clear business goals achieve the highest ROI by being effective, efficient to the point.
  • Fast Project Payback – Our PPC advertising projects payback quickly, often within the first month.

What are the outcomes of our custom PPC advertising campaigns?

  • Poorly converting landing pages
  • Irrelevant Ads with wrong keywords
  • Not including clear call to action
  • Not testing for small variations in website
  • Not monitoring the differences in CTR each time you tweak your website
  • Not following best guidelines for improving the ad relevancy boosting the Ad Rank